Always display ALV Grid as ALV List?

I have a following issue.

I would like to display an ALV Grid always as ALV list for my user. So instead of always doing that...

Display as list

...I would like to set a variable or something in, for example, SU01 that would always show me the output as ALV list.

ALV list display

Is there a trick that would allow me to do so? The ALV grid is presented from SAP standard transaction so I do not have control over the ABAP code under the hood.


I have a possibility to change layout.

Change layout possibility

However the only options I have are SAP List Viewer and Microsoft Excel.

View options

When I choose SAP List Viewer the view I get is the ALV Grid.

ALV grid


  • It is not possible system-wide. It can be done only for separate transactions.

    e.g. FB FB

    or ME.