SAP GUI script: search text in ALV List (ABAP List)

I'm currently creating an automation script where data from Excel will be searched in SAP GUI ALV List. I will be looping to the rows that, if it will match anything in the columns "Assignment", "DocumentNo" and "Quantity" to the "textToFind" in Excel, then I will be able to edit the text for each item matched:

SAP ABAP List of G/L account line item display

How will I set the table and loop through the rows of the table until I find the text that I'm looking for?

I believe it will also only allow me to search for the visible rows.

I tried to record the steps in SAP GUI but it only gives me this if I position my cursor somewhere in the column "Assignment":

session.findById("wnd[0]/usr/lbl[18,15]").caretPosition = 10

Which I know that it tells me the current cell address (column 18, row 15).

When I tried to check the table name on "Assignment" field (F1), it gives me the name of "RFPOSXEXT".

screen field technical information


  • Let's assume you display the data in a ALV Grid and you have the session ready as you write in your post. Then the following code will copy the data from SAP into excel. You have to adjust the code according to your needs

        Dim wks As Worksheet
        Set wks = " your worksheet here ..."
        Dim Table As Object
        Dim cols As Long
        Dim rows As Long
        Dim i As Long, j As Long
        Set Table = Session.FindById("wnd[0]/usr/cntlGRID1/shellcont/shell/shellcont[1]/shell")
        rows = Table.RowCount - 1
        cols = Table.ColumnCount - 1
        Dim columns As Object
        Set columns = Table.ColumnOrder
        Dim arrCol() As Variant
        ReDim arrCol(cols)
        For j = 0 To cols
            arrCol(j) = (CStr(columns(j)))
        With wks
            .Range(.Cells(1, 1), .Cells(1, cols + 1)).Value = arrCol()
        End With
        For i = 0 To rows
            For j = 0 To cols
                arrCol(j) = Table.GetCellValue(i, CStr(columns(j)))                
            With wks
                .Range(.Cells(i + 2, 1), .Cells(i + 2, cols + 1)).Value = arrCol()
            End With
            If i Mod 10 = 0 Then
                Table.SetCurrentCell i, CStr(columns(0))
            End If
    End Sub

    The above code will fail if you don't use griv view control. "Session" must be a valid SAP Guisession pointing to FBL3N with the grid view open. In the link I provided above you will see hot to do that.