Display only certain fields in ALV

My table has around 300 columns and I want to display only 10 out of them with specifying which ones. I am working with CL_SALV_TABLE.

Can anybody help me with this problem or give me a hint? Thank you very much in advance!


  • You need to use the method SET_VISIBLE of the Column object (class CL_SALV_COLUMN). For more information, see the chapter "Set the Visibility of the Column" of page "Columns (General)".

    This Minimal reproducible example shows only the columns SPRAS and LAISO from the table T002, all other ones are hidden:

      DATA: t002_lines  TYPE TABLE OF t002,
            salv        TYPE REF TO cl_salv_table,
            columns     TYPE salv_t_column_ref.
      FIELD-SYMBOLS <column> TYPE salv_s_column_ref.
      SELECT * FROM t002 INTO TABLE t002_lines.
      CALL METHOD cl_salv_table=>factory
          r_salv_table = salv
          t_table      = t002_lines.
      LOOP AT salv->get_columns( )->get( ) ASSIGNING <column>.
        CASE <column>-columnname.
          WHEN 'SPRAS' OR 'LAISO'.
            <column>-r_column->set_visible( if_salv_c_bool_sap=>true ).
          WHEN OTHERS.
            <column>-r_column->set_visible( if_salv_c_bool_sap=>false ).
      salv->display( ).