Updated records are not displayed in subscreen ALV

I am trying to display updated records in ALV but old records are being displayed.

Here is the code written in the screen exit of work order.

          r_container    = lo_cust_container
          r_salv_table   = lo_alv_table
          t_table        = gt_wflog ).

**// Functions
      DATA(lo_alv_functions) = lo_alv_table->get_functions( ).
      lo_alv_functions->set_all( abap_true ).

**// Display Settings
      DATA(lo_alv_display) = lo_alv_table->get_display_settings( ).
      lo_alv_display->set_striped_pattern( abap_true ).

**// Layout Settings
      DATA: ls_layout_key TYPE salv_s_layout_key.
      DATA(lo_alv_layout) = lo_alv_table->get_layout( ).
      ls_layout_key-report = sy-repid.
      lo_alv_layout->set_key( ls_layout_key ).
      lo_alv_layout->set_save_restriction( cl_salv_layout=>restrict_user_independant ).

      lo_alv_columns->set_optimize( abap_true ).
      lo_alv_table->set_data( CHANGING t_table = gt_wflog[] ).
      lo_alv_table->display( ).

    CATCH cx_salv_msg cx_salv_error INTO DATA(lx_salv_msg).
      MESSAGE lx_salv_msg->get_text( ) TYPE 'I'.

I tried to used method refresh lo_alv_table->refresh( ). with option soft or full refresh but nothing happened. First time call data is ok when subscreen is called again and there is change in data then updated records are not displayed. I can see updated records in the table during debug.


  • More than likely you have CX_SALV_NO_NEW_DATA_ALLOWED exception which is caught by TRY clause during the second call of your instantiation. That's why display() method is not executed.

    There is a note in SET_DATA method documentation:

    You are not able to call these methods in an event handler. If you
    do you will get an error.


    You have called SET_DATA in an event handler.

    In your context screen exit is the same as event handler as it is called by the same event.

    Solution is confirmed by OP: "It works perfectly"

    Added to declarations in the top include.

    DATA go_alv_table TYPE REF TO cl_salv_table.

    Added in the code

    IF go_alv_table IS NOT BOUND.
      cl_salv_table=>factory( )

    Added after set_data method call

    go_alv_table->refresh( refresh_mode = if_salv_c_refresh=>soft ).