source /.bash_profile command not working

I am trying to refresh my aliases on my Mac (OS Catalina 10.15.6) after defining new aliases in my .bash_profile file with the command:

source ~/.bash_profile

But terminal keeps giving this error message:-bash: s: command not found

This is confusing because for the longest time this command worked. I even had it included in my .bash_profile file as an alias, where it worked fine.

I'm aware the problem could have to do it with an error in my PATH but I've never made any edits to my PATH so have no idea what the issue could be?

Thanks in advance.


  • My first instinct would be to check both ~/.bashrc, and /etc/bashrc if it exists. That is where I customarily define aliases, and it looks to me as though a bad alias may be your problem.

    I'm not saying it was the one you made, although it might be. Just go through your rc and profile files and look for any aliases which might in any way clash with source.