Using SAP Netweaver to request RMTSAMPLEFLIGHT entries by cityFrom cityTo

I am currently using Camel with Netweaver to request information from:

Through Beans and the following code:


to request information from the link above.

I was wondering if there is any way of requesting information on a flights that have fromCity/toCity by the use of the same principle (Not using JavaScript)

Edit: Ok so I have figured out how to write a syntactically correct request...'berlin'&cityto='FRANKFURT'&fromdate=datetime'2015-10-31T01%3A00%3A00'&todate=datetime'2015-0-31T11%3A00%3A00'

BUT, I don't get any data back. Any tips?


  • Allright, figured it out...

    Both cityfrom and cityto must be upper case.

    despite the fact that

    shows cityfrom in lower, and cityto in upper case (As well as some guides).