HTTP vs. SAP adapters in MFP 7.1

Trying to use the Service Discovery feature of MobileFirst Platform Studio

The adapter.xml file that gets generated is for an HTTP adapter, not an SAP adapter.

<wl:adapter xmlns:wl="" xmlns:http="" xmlns:xsi="" name="SAPGWAdapter1">

That also creates the connectionPolicy tag as <connectionPolicy xsi:type="http:HTTPConnectionPolicyType">

This doesn't allow me to add properties that were included with the xsi:type="nwgateway:NWGatewayHTTPConnectionPolicyType" type definition, like <serviceRootURL> and the <serverIdentity> nodes.

Can I change the adapter type back to SAP, or is HTTP the standard now? If it is, how do I pass in the serverIdentity properties? Trying to test the adapter against a live SAP instance is giving me "Unauthorized" errors (at least, I think that's what it says. It's in German...)

-Paul Horan-


  • We still offer SAP adapters. Use whichever adapter best fits the task.

    Create a new Adapter, if you are using the eclipse plugin then right click on adapters > new > MobileFirst Adapter

    Under adapter type you have two options

    • SAP Netweaver Gateway Adapter
    • SAP JCo Adapter

    here is our user documentation on SAP adapters