Can a SAP oData Navigation Property be used to get the Keys of the first entity into the Data Provider class of the related entity?

For example, there are two Entities, Parent and Child. There are 1..n Child Entities for any Parent Entities. Is there a way to set up a Service in SEGW so that when calling a Navigation Property from Parent to Child, the Data Provider Class of Child is called with a table of Parent keys so subsequently all child entities for each parent can be selected? This is for nesting a list into a detail screen in SAP Mobile Developement Kit.


  • In the meantime, we have built this functionality around the get_expanded_entity method. There is however another issue that I will open another question for.

    Generally the $expand operator of oData has to be used. the oData entity should have a ddic structure that can be used to fill an internal table which is then passed to function copy_data_to_ref inside get_expanded_entityset method. This will return a nested odata result