Selecting student language in Racket source code

I am trying to write a source file for DrRacket that specifies one of the languages from How to Design Programs Teaching Languages (see the Racket documentation). I know I can select such a language in the DrRacket menu, but I would like to specify it using a #lang directive and have DrRacket recognize the language automatically.

I cannot find any documentation about the strings that I need to use instead of racket in the initial line

#lang racket

Where can I find the documentation on this? Or can these languages only be selected from DrRacket's menu?


  • You should be able to use

    #lang htdp/bsl

    (or htdp/bsl+, htdp/isl, htdp/isl+, or htdp/asl) but it's "not in a complete shape, yet".