VSCode server unexpected "Missing GLIBC >= 2.28"

I'm connecting to a server via ssh using VSCode.
The server has Ubuntu 18.04, and until yesterday night, it was working fine, however since this morning, I get the following error (checking the logs in ~/.vscode-server):

Warning: Missing GLIBC >= 2.28! from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ Error: Missing required dependencies. Please refer to our FAQ for additional information.

I checked and the library indeed is an older version, however it's strange to me that until yesterday it worked

Has VSCode updated the server extension on the server in the background silently or what? Anybody with this problem?


  • There was an update released last night that drops support of older glibc versions. The official workaround is to downgrade to VSCode 1.85, as described here.