Salesforce - Notification when too many records are recorded in a day

In Salesforce, is there a way to send notification when too many records are created on an object in a day?

  • The notification can be via email, chatter or any other method.
  • "Too many records" - we have not defined yet what "too many" means. So, let's assume it is 2 (the actual number will end up being much higher than this).

There is no other criteria than the fact that the records are created. So, we are not checking for values in specific fields.

I have tried creating reports/dashboard. But have not found a way to create the alert based on the number of records reported.


  • Create a report on records created today / yesterday. After saving you'll have an option to subscribe to it / schedule it. On that screen you can add extra send criteria such as only if row count > X.

    There used to be something about sending Chatter posts when gauge charts met criteria (think "sales team closed 2M in deals, woohoo!" but I can't find any documentation, you might have to experiment.