New location of the Notification Center .db file in 10.10?

Good morning all,

I have a little app which is using NSNotificationCenter to schedule notifications. I have no problems to access them during runtime and all works fine.

The problem starts when I close the app and restart it. I seem not to have any access to the notifications I scheduled during the first run.

Answers here suggest that there is a .db file in ~/Library/Application Support/NotificationCenter/ but this folder is not there in OS X 10.10 (not hidden, not in any of the other Application Support folders either) but I can see it on my 10.9 partition.

Has anybody an idea where this file is located now or if this functionality has been changed completely and the scheduled notifications are stored elsewhere?

Thanks for any hints, MDschay


  • Thanks to some outside help I found out that the .db file location can be seen by doing the following:

    1. Open your Activity Monitor
    2. Seach for the process usernoted
    3. Go to the tab "Open files and ports"

    The files listed there also contain the .db files I was searching for and it is in a /com.apple.notificationcenter/db subfolder under /private/var/folders (sorry for not posting the complete path but there are some pices which seem to be unique to each machine or user).