How to limit Bootstrap 5 container max width with SASS?

I'm new at front end and trying bootstrap,

if you look at Bootstrap 5 documentation:

there's a responsive table for container. But I want it to be like this (see my red mark):

max width set to 960 px

Basically I want to limit the width to 960px no matter big the screen sizes are.

If possible I want to change Bootstrap SASS configuration rather than writing my own CSS. (which is recommended by Bootstrap)

Thank you,

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Edit: I'm using ruby on rails. command: rails new -c bootstrap


  • In the documentation you linked, it tells you how to override them.

    Specifically this section:

    Quoted from website below:

    As shown above, Bootstrap generates a series of predefined container classes to help you build the layouts you desire. You may customize these predefined container classes by modifying the Sass map (found in _variables.scss) that powers them:

    $container-max-widths: (
      sm: 540px,
      md: 720px,
      lg: 960px,
      xl: 1140px,
      xxl: 1320px

    I don't know how you integrated bootstrap into your app, but your first step is finding / exposing _variables.scss