AS/400 DB2 Logical File vs Table Index

I'm coming from a MSSQL background, and when I ask people at my company if they've created Indexes on certain columns they'll say yes but point me to these things call Logical Files.

In the iSeries Navigator these Logical Files show up under the 'Views' category. When I click the 'Indexes' category nothing is there, leading me to believe that there are actually no Indexes created on any columns, at least as I understand them. A Logical File appears to be a View sorted by certain columns.

So my question is, are Logical Files and Indexes (indexes in the MSSQL sense) the same thing?


  • According to this description, an AS/400 DB2 Logical File is called a view in most other relational databases. I'd have to say that I don't think a logical file is the same as an index.