Create Custom Enum Type

I want to create a custom enum type for the custom control like

My questions are:

  • How can I create an enum type?
  • On the custom control, you will be able only to pass property enum
    type. How can I validate if the given enum is valid or not?


  • Here is an example:

    In order to create an enum type in UI5, there are certain rules to take into account:

    • The enum definition must be a plain object. Internally, it's validated via sap/base/util/isPlainObject.
    • Each key-value pair must be identical to each other.
    • Renaming is not supported.
    • Only keys and values of type string are supported.
      "Red": "Red",
      "Blue": "Blue",
      "Yellow": "Yellow"

    In order to actually make use of the enum object:

    1. The enum object must be registered with sap/ui/base/DataType.registerEnum* since UI5 1.120. For example:

      * In control/type/Color.js"
      * Root namespace: "my.demo"
      ], (DataType) => {
        "use strict";
        const color = {
          Red: "Red",
          Blue: "Blue",
          Yellow: "Yellow",
        DataType.registerEnum("my.demo.control.type.Color", color); // since 1.120
        return Object.freeze(color);
      }/*, true*//*no longer needed since UI5 1.120 thx to registerEnum*/);
      // Exporting globally (true) is required until 1.119.
    2. The module name of the object must be assigned to the type in the property metadata:

      // in control/Square.js
        "./type/Color", // require the module to register the enum
      ], function(Control) {
        "use strict";
        return Control.extend("my.demo.control.Square", {
          metadata: {
            properties: {
              "selectedColor": {
                type: "my.demo.control.type.Color", // <-- name of the enum
                bindable: true,
          // ...

    In my example above, it's the selectedColor property that awaits only "Red", "Blue", or "Yellow". Let's test it:

    • new Square().getMetadata().getProperty("selectedColor").getType().isEnumType() returns true. ✔️
    • new Square().setSelectedColor("Hans") throws an error as expected:

      "Hans" is of type string, expected my.demo.control.type.Color for property "selectedColor" of Element [...]. ✔️

    • new Square().setSelectedColor("Yellow") successfully stores the value. ✔️


    Do not try creating an enum type via DataType.create.

    Array types and enumeration types cannot be created with this method. They're created on-the-fly by DataType.getType when such a type is looked up. (Source)


    * For UI5 1.119 or lower, refer to the previous answer.