Kibana querying for string length

Is there a way to query for a value of a certain length in Kibana?

For example, given the following two KV pairs:

key: "some"
key: "something"

I would like to search for key.length > 5 and retrieve "something" only.

The other option I see is to add a tag from logstash, but then I'll have to reload a couple hundred GB.


  • You can use script query to do that in Kibana. Script Query in Kibana, There is an example for script query with key's length more than 5:

        "query": {
            "filtered": {
                "filter": {
                    "script": {
                        "script": "doc['key'].getValue().length() > 5"

    And also you need to enable script search in elasticsearch, you need to add the below config into elasticsearch.yml:

     script.engine.groovy.inline.search: on