How to fix IntelliJ Idea not closing tabs by Ctrl+F4?

I happen to use IntelliJ Idea 10.5.2 with Scala and SBT plugins to code in Scala on an XUbuntu 11.10 system with Oracle JDK 7.

And I can't close editor tabs with Ctrl+F4 (while right-clicking on a tab shows this shortcut for closing).

Any ideas about the reason probable and a way to fix?


  • Looks like xfce uses Ctrl+F4 as global shortcut that gets captured before it's propagated to IntelliJ. See this page for how to change shortcuts.

    Alternatively you can also change the keybindings in IntelliJ. Use 'File|Settings' and got to 'Keymap' in the settings window. The 'close' action is bound to Ctrl+F4