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Adding processing 4 to Intellji IDE

I have downloaded the Processing 4 zip, and unzipped it. Now I added the core.jar library to my project, but it seems like it's messing some libraries, the "gluegen" and "jogl", I have founded them next to the core.jar file and added them the same way but I still can't run the project...

This are all links to image, because I can't yet upload an image apparently...

jar files location

The libraries are recognized:

Error while runing

It's like not finding it, I don't know:

Modules in project structure

Modules in main

Maybe it's because it isn't in main? and if so how to fix?

I think this should solve it, but i need to do it to all the libraries:

Adding the library to classpath

Edit: I have added the jars file to the libraries but now I get this error:

Error image

from this code:

private PVector[] points;
private float rotateX, rotateY;
private float zoomScale = 1.0f;

public void settings() {
    size(800, 600, P3D);

public void setup() {
    points = new PVector[100];
    for (int i = 0; i < points.length; i++) {
        points[i] = new PVector(random(-100, 100), random(-100, 100), random(-100, 100));

public void draw() {
    translate(width / 2, height / 2);

    line(-width, 0, 0, width, 0, 0); // X-axis
    line(0, -height, 0, 0, height, 0); // Y-axis
    line(0, 0, -width, 0, 0, width); // Z-axis

    fill(0, 0, 255);
    for (PVector p : points) {
        translate(p.x, p.y, p.z);

public void mouseDragged() {
    rotateX += (pmouseY - mouseY) * 0.01f;
    rotateY += (mouseX - pmouseX) * 0.01f;

public void mouseWheel(MouseEvent event) {
    zoomScale += event.getCount() * 0.1f;
    zoomScale = constrain(zoomScale, 0.1f, 5.0f);

Ok, I have understood the problem there is no such directory:


The problem is that I don't know what to do now....


  • Ok so first of all the one who answered me did a great job, you should add those to your library. about the error that it cant find it in native.. you need to create the directory yourself and paste this files there.

    The created direcotry

    this is what you need to create in your root project