Cannot remove selected field in Kibana 8.10.4 Analytics Dashboard Visualization

I'm currently exploring Kibana analytics visualization, but when I want to remove the already selected field, but there is no option. I have searched and try exploring the menu but can't find one. I expected I can remove the selected field but somehow there's no option to do it. Any suggestion on how I can deselect it?

enter image description here

I'm using Kibana v8.10.4.


  • The nama.keyword field is used in the right panel in the "Breakdown" section. On the horizontal axis, you can find a terms aggregation of the pekerjaan.keyword field and each column is broken down by the top 3 values of the nama.keyword field.

    If you want to break down each column by another field, you can simply replace the nama.keyword field in the "Breakdown" section. That's how you can "remove" it.