Import file in Jsnonnet/libsonnet application using relative path

I have a libsonnet file in which I want to import another libsonnet file proving relative path

I am able to do it by going backward from current folder For example : import ‘../../../abc.libsonnet’

Is there any way to import same by proving relative path from root folder? Something like below import ‘./appl/example/test/abc.libsonnet

I tried this but facing ‘No match locally’ error during runtime


  • As you already found, import paths are resolved from:

    • the current directory
    • the directory of the jsonnet source file importing it

    You can add a another directory to the CLI by:

    • Using the -J arg as:
      jsonnet -J <ROOT_DIR> ...
    • pre-exporting below env var:
      env JSONNET_PATH=<ROOT_DIR> jsonnet ...

    In your case, this could be either

    • still relative:
      $ jsonnet -J "${PWD}/../../../" ...
    • "resolve" the relative path:
      $ jsonnet -J "$(realpath ../../../)" ...

    Find more details at: https://www.mankier.com/1/jsonnet#Environment