Should I delete the 3rdpartylicenses.txt file in Angular?

When I build Angular application, the 3rdpartylicenses.txt file is output in the publish folder.

Can I delete it when publishing to my domain? Is it mandatory to avoid copyright infringement? enter image description here

This is the file content

enter image description here

If that file is not needed, is there any way to avoid creating the file with each build?


  • The 3rdpartylicenses.txt file is automatically generated by Angular CLI when building an application using the ng build --prod command.

    This file contains a list of licenses for third-party libraries used in the application. It is not mandatory to keep this file when publishing to a domain, but it is recommended to avoid copyright infringement. If you choose to delete the file, make sure to keep a record of the licenses for all third-party libraries used in the application

    There is no way to prevent Angular CLI from creating the 3rdpartylicenses.txt file with each build.

    However, you can use the --extractLicenses=false flag to prevent the license information from being removed from minified JS files