onnxruntime-web fails to find ort-wasm-simd.wasm, doesn't use my /static folder in SvelteKit

Uncaught (in promise) Error: no available backend found. ERR: 
    at t.resolveBackend (backend-impl.js:91:11)
    at async i.create (inference-session-impl.js:175:15)
    at async createSAM (SAM.ts:59:19)
    at async init (http://localhost:5001/src/routes/(app)/app/project/[projectId]/auto-detect/+page.svelte?t=1695723086870:936:9)

In the console I see this:

Error: Not found: /app/project/MpUQMHCfHANBXyvH/ort-wasm-simd.wasm

This is the only place where I'm specifying a path:

const session = await InferenceSession.create('/sam_onnx_quantized.onnx')

Changing it to an absolute path with http://localhost:5001/sam_... didn't make a difference.

I have this file both in my /static folder, and in node_modules/onnx-runtime-web/dist. It should not be looking for the file in the current page's path.

I don't know what happened, this used to work. I had to delete node_modules and package-lock and do npm install for a different issue, maybe it broke after that.


  • You can set the basepath for onnx-web wasm files using the wasmPath property on the ONNX env object like this:

    env.wasm.wasmPaths = path/to/wasm/files

    This feature is documented in the API Docs