How to export type definitions and use them via npm link of a local package?

I'm creating a supertest alternative called tepper. I'm trying to publish the package both as ESM and CJS. The problem I'm having is that a consumer of the library isn't able to find the type definitions.

In order to test it, I've created a script (you can find it here), that generates a brand-new NestJS project, and tries to use the library by installing it locally using a relative path (npm install --save-dev ../../../..)

The problem is that I'm having an TS2307: Cannot find module 'tepper' or its corresponding type declarations error (here you can see the error on Github Actions).

I've exported the types in package.json as I'm supposed:

  "exports": {
    ".": {
      "types": "./dist/types/tepper.d.ts",
      "require": "./dist/cjs/tepper.js",
      "import": "./dist/esm/tepper.js",
      "default": "./dist/esm/tepper.js"



  • The key point is resolvePackageJsonExports in tsconfig. Refer to

    In your project, it is not enabled because of values of moduleResolution and module. So you have 2 options,

      1. in file test/e2e/nestjs/project-name/tsconfig.json, setup following things.
        "module": "NodeNext",
        "moduleResolution": "NodeNext",
        "resolvePackageJsonExports": true,
      1. use the classic types field in tepper's main packages.json, which can avoid other things be affected due to changes of moduleResolution and module.
    "types": "./dist/types/tepper.d.ts",