OpenAPI Generator generates generic Parameter names

I'm currently experiencing a struggle with the OpenAPI Generator Plugin in Gradle. When I generate a new API Interface with the following settings in my build.gradle:

openApiGenerate {
    generatorName = "spring"
    inputSpec = "$rootDir/src/main/resources/api.yaml".toString()
    outputDir = "$buildDir".toString()
    apiPackage = "<package name>"
    configOptions = [
            interfaceOnly     : "true",
            library           : "spring-cloud",
            skipDefaultInterface: "true",
            modelPackage      : "<package name>",
            apiPackage: "<package name>",
            serializableModel: "true",
            useOptional: "true",

The output API Interface uses generic Parameter names. For example var1, var2 and so on. Example:

ResponseEntity<Void> deleteOrganisationById(@ApiParam(value = "Mandant",required = true) @RequestHeader(value = "MANDANT",required = true) BigDecimal var1, @ApiParam(value = "ID of the organisation to be deleted",required = true) @PathVariable("id") String var2);

How can I change this so it uses some kind of talking names for the parameters? E.g. mandant for the MANDANT parameter etc.?


  • Just set the ensureUniqueParams option to true in the plugins configOptions.

    Example pom.xml:

        ... other Parameters