How to export SQL query results to file in ABAP ADT?

right now I am using Eclipse to do SQL-commands on tables from a SAP HANA Database. I would like to save these results as csv- or Excel-data.

When I do a Select-Statement I get a result in Eclipse. By right-clicking into it, there is a button called "Export results", but if I hit it, nothing happens.

I am using the "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers 2022-09"-version. To communicate with the HANA-Datebase I use the Plug-In ABAP Development Tools 3.32.

Do any of you know a way of saving these results?

Sincerely, Julian


  • I have used SQL-Console to run a select statement, and in the Data Preview area (table with the results) there is Save icon to the right, where it is possible to save the data:

    data selection

    I have an ABAP Development Tools 3.34.2 installed, but don't think there should be a big difference.