Remote Interpreter DataSpell

I am trying to run scripts on a remote server with DataSpell, so I am trying to configure a remote interpreter.

I follow these instructions and I get the error

Cannot Save Settings:
SSH Python x.x.x user@IP : Python x.x.x
(path/to/interpreter) can't be used as a workspace interpreter

As a path to the interpreter I have used the .../bin/python file that is created in a virtual environment. I have tried virtual environments created both with conda and venv. I have also found this, but I cannot understand the solution clearly.

Any ideas?


  • It appears that Dataspell can have different interpreters for its workspace and projects or notebooks that are opened in the workspace.

    I right-clicked the project folder in the Project window, and selected a remote interpreter just for the project. This is what the second source that I posted on my OP says. This works fine.