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Change the Focus Border color in Tailwind CSS

I am using Tailwind css with my react application. I am creating a form using tailwind and want to change focus border color of my input text box in teal which is blue.

function App() {
  return (
    <div className="App">
      <main className="h-screen flex items-center justify-center">
        <form className="bg-white flex rounded-lg w-1/2">
          <div className= "flex-1 text-gray-700 p-20">
            <h1 className="text-3xl pb-2">Lets Get Started</h1>
            <p className="text-lg text-gray-500">We are herre to get you about our sdas no           bonsdcbeagufpi feqwifheqfwe</p>

            <div className='mt-6'>
              <div className="pb-4">
                className="block text-sm pb-2" 
                className="border-2 border-gray-500 p-2 rounded-md w-1/2 focus:border-teal-500"
                 type="text" name="name" placeholder='Enter Your Name' />


          <div> </div>


export default App;

I did change teal color with focus:boreder-teal-500 but it is not chaging teal color when I focus or click on my text box.


  • you can also do it directly with tailwind:

    <div className="focus:border-blue border-2 border-solid" />