ESP32 println gives gibberish output Arduino IDE

I have a problem in which I write a VERY simple program for the ESP32 using the Arduino IDE. I am trying to write something to the Serial output, but in the console I only get gibberish. I do get the data, but it's not formatted in the way it needs to be. Here is a screenshot: enter image description here

As you can see, the code is very simple. The console is on the right rate, but the input looks like crap. I have tried using different forms, like Serial.write and Serial.print, but they all seem to not work.

I just expect to get "Testline" on different lines, which does happen sometimes, but it's not consistent.

I am using the NodeMCU-ESP32 ESP32 DEVKITV1


  • Using a delay of 40 did the trick.

    Have you tried using longer delays? What happens then? And all in all this looks more like some kind of buffering issues, where multiple transmissions are mixed up somehow (either on the sending or on the receiving side).

    ā€“ Some programmer dude