Java Spring shedlock fails

i have a spring-boot app, which on production environment runs in 2 instances, resulting in scheduled tasks running twice. to avoid that i'm trying use shedlock, as explained here and here, but it has no affect. i'm already using a MySql db, to which i added a shedlock table as explained on both of the examples above.

my project's structure is as follows (partially) -

enter image description here

in my file i have this settings -


to the AppConfig class i added this annotation -

@EnableSchedulerLock(defaultLockAtMostFor = "PT30S")

and this bean -

public LockProvider lockProvider(DataSource dataSource) {
    return new JdbcTemplateLockProvider(dataSource, "b4ad.shedlock");

and in the ScheduledManager class i have this scheduled task -

 @Scheduled(cron = "0 0/1 * * * ?")
@SchedulerLock(name = "deactivateExpiredOrganizations", lockAtLeastFor = "PT5M")
public void deactivateExpiredOrganizations() {
    // my code...

when i run my application locally on 2 instances (using 2 different ports in the file), looking at the log i can see that the task runs on both instances, and at the same time the shedlock table remains empty. according to the second item in the troubleshooting section, it seems that i miss-configured something, but i can't tell what.

any help will be appreciated.


  • well, apparently in my big project there was another config class (besides the AppConfig) - one called SqlSpringConfig, inside the db module. once i put the LockProvider bean there, all works like a charm