Why Web worker is creating a new Class Instance again on module import?

We are executing a time taking function on web worker. Also I have a Dispatcher Class that create a single instance for other classes to use looks like below:

class Dispatcher {
constructor() {
        console.log("calling"); = {};
//some code
const dispatcher = new Dispatcher();
export default dispatcher;

I have imported this module in another file named as DataManager Class at the top:

import dispatcher from '../../utility/dispatcher';

export class DataManager {
  notifyRenderer = (data: ResultData): void => {
        dispatcher.dispatch(NOTIFY_EVENT, data);

and my web worker is creating a new instance of this class and from here we are triggering a notifyRenderer method written in DataManager Class.

import { DataManager } from "./data-manager";
let dm: DataManager;

addEventListener('message', (e) => {
    if (!dm) {
        dm = new DataManager();

    const res = dm.addOrUpdateData(, true);
    postMessage({ type: 'Dispatch', res });
}, false);

Also I am attaching a screenshot of my console showing console.log("calling"); two times. I have no idea why Dispatch class constructor is getting called two times.

enter image description here

Is there any mistake i am doing. Need help on this please.

I feel like module imports might be the problem. Is it?

Adding screenshot trace from worker:

enter image description here

Thank you in Advance!


  • Everyone learns from their mistake's with practice and the same happened with me here.

    Everything was correct in my modules - the Dispatcher Class, Data Manager Class and instantiate of a new worker thread. The problem was that I created a single instance of Dispatcher Class at the end of that module, as I thought the resulting exports would get cached (as per mjs / require) file caching mechanism. I tried to use import in both the main thread and worker thread, but both threads were creating their own module instance. (My Mistake!)

    I didn't even realize until bergi gave me a hint. The correct way is to send data from worker thread to main thread using postmessage and listen on main thread.

    Sent from worker thread:

    postMessage(dm.addOrUpdateData(, true) as ResultData);

    Listen on main thread:

    this.worker.onmessage = (e: MessageEvent) => {
                if (! return;

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