Is it possible to adapt Selenium driver for usage with Selenoid?

E.g. I have ready-to-use Perl Selenium driver.

How to make it compatible with Selenoid and use Selenoid-UI ?

As far as I understand, Selenoid is based on Selenium 2.x version. But Selenium and Selenoid APIs are not compatible out-the-box. E.g. http://localhost:4444/status output is very different.

And when I try to run script for Selenium when Selenoid is running instead I got Could not create new session: Unable to find a matching set of capabilities error.


  • Selenoid is 100% compatible with Selenium protocol. All Selenium stuff is under /wd/hub route.

    E.g. status API is /wd/hub/status. Just use http://localhost:4444/wd/hub as Selenium URL for your tests and it should work.

    Don't be confused that API returns less data under Selenoid.

    enter image description here

    E.g. according to w3c spec for status API only two fields: message and ready are required

    Thanks to @vania-pooh for replies in appropriate github issue