Downloading Issues from a Public GitHub Repository

I want to download issues from Jabref, an open-source citation tool.

I looked up how to do this, and it looks like the way everyone does it is through curl like this (source):

curl -i "<repo-owner>/<repo-name>/issues" -u "<user-name>"

The problem is that I'm not the owner of the repository, so I'm not sure what to fill in for repo-owner. I also don't know who the owner is, since apparently Github hides that information, but even if I did I probably wouldn't have the required permissions.

Is anyone allowed to download issues from public repositories, or do you have to be a collaborator? If anyone is allowed, what should I fill in for repo-owner?


  • In the case of the public repository, the repoèowner is simply JabRef.

    curl -i "" -u "<user-name>"

    This uses the GitHub API "List issues for a repository", available for anyone on public repositories.