Spring Boot - How to disable @Cacheable during development?

I'm looking for 2 things:

  1. How to disable all caching during development with Spring boot "dev" profile. There doesn't seem to be a general setting to turn it all off in What's the easiest way?

  2. How to disable caching for a specific method? I tried to use SpEl like this:

    @Cacheable(value = "complex-calc", condition="#${} != 'dev'}")
    public String someBigCalculation(String input){

But I can get it to work. There are a couple of questions on SO related to this, but they refer to XML config or other things, but I'm using Spring Boot 1.3.3 and this uses auto-configuration.

I don't want to over-complicate things.


  • The David Newcomb comment tells the truth :

    spring.cache.type=NONE doesn't switch caching off, it prevents things from being cached. i.e. it still adds 27 layers of AOP/interceptor stack to your program, it's just that it doesn't do the caching. It depends what he means by "turn it all off".

    Using this option may fast up the application startup but could also have some overheads.

    1)To disable completely the Spring Cache feature

    Move the @EnableCaching class in a dedicated configuration class that we will wrap with a @Profile to enable it :

    public class CachingConfiguration {}

    Of course if you already have a Configuration class that is enabled for all but the dev environment, just reuse it :

    //... any other annotation 
    public class NoDevConfiguration {}

    2) Use a fake (noop) Cache manager

    In some cases, activating @EnableCaching by profile is not enough because some of your classes or some Spring dependencies of your app expect to retrieve from the Spring container a bean implementing the org.springframework.cache.CacheManager interface.
    In this case, the right way is using a fake implementation that will allow Spring to resolve all dependencies while the implementation of the CacheManager is overhead free.

    We could achieve it by playing with @Bean and @Profile :

    public class CacheManagerConfiguration {
        public CacheManager getRealCacheManager() {
            return new CaffeineCacheManager(); 
            // or any other implementation
            // return new EhCacheCacheManager(); 
        public CacheManager getNoOpCacheManager() {
            return new NoOpCacheManager();

    Or if it is more suitable, you can add the spring.cache.type=NONE property that produces the same result as written in the M. Deinum answer.