How to use oData interface options with Avro similar to JSON format for exposing the data

I have created an XSOdata service in SAP HANA and the external system needs in AVRO format rather than JSON format.

JSON format looks like below with a link and its developments on a HANA Calculation view:


XSODATA_NAME.xsodata file contains:

service {
"package_name::CA_CALC_VIEW" as "name_event"
keys generate local "ID"                            
aggregates always;





Could you please suggest on how to expose a XSOData as AVRO format. Thanks in advance.

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  • The built-in Odata services (and also the service generators) don’t support the AVRO format. If you want to expose data via this format, a custom OData service implementation is required, that is, you would have to either develop it yourself or find a 3rd party implementation that you can use.