What is a efpt.config.json file and should it be checked into source control?

I am using Visual Studio and EF Core Power Tools to reverse engineer some models from my database. This creates a efpt.config.json in my directory and I am wondering whether or not this is something that should be checked into source control for my project.

    "ContextClassName": "MyContext",
    "DefaultDacpacSchema": null,
    "IdReplace": false,
    "IncludeConnectionString": false,
    "OutputPath": "",
    "ProjectRootNamespace": "My.Name.Space",
    "SelectedToBeGenerated": 0,
    "Tables": [
    "UseDatabaseNames": true,
    "UseFluentApiOnly": true,
    "UseHandleBars": false,
    "UseInflector": false


  • I am the creator of EF Core Power Tools, and I recommend that you check in this file with your project, doing that ensures that all developers use the same option when running the Reverse Engineer wizard