RabbitMQ erlang cookies issue

I installed the RabbitMQ server on my machine (windows 7 enterprise) to develop code locally with spring boot. i. e. integrate spring-boot into RabbitMQ. The issue I am running into is that i am unable to basic rabbitmqctl commands such as even listing the exchanges.

It is responding with this:

rabbitmqctl list_exchanges
Error: unable to perform an operation on node 'rabbit@hostname'. Please see d
iagnostics information and suggestions below.

Most common reasons for this are:

 * Target node is unreachable (e.g. due to hostname resolution, TCP connection o
r firewall issues)
 * CLI tool fails to authenticate with the server (e.g. due to CLI tool's Erlang
 cookie not matching that of the server)
 * Target node is not running

In addition to the diagnostics info below:

 * See the CLI, clustering and networking guides on
ation.html to learn more
 * Consult server logs on node rabbit@hostname


attempted to contact: [rabbit@hostname]

  * connected to epmd (port 4369) on hostname
  * epmd reports node 'rabbit' uses port 25672 for inter-node and CLI tool traff
  * TCP connection succeeded but Erlang distribution failed

  * Authentication failed (rejected by the remote node), please check the Erlang

Current node details:
 * node name: rabbitmqcli28@hostname
 * effective user's home directory: root_to_mo_directory
 * Erlang cookie hash: ERLANG_COOKIE_HASH_GIVEN_HERE

any suggestions? how could I approach troubleshooting this?


  • I searched google using the following terms erlang cookie and the search results included this document. It provides comprehensive information on where the Erlang cookie is stored based on operating system and Erlang version.

    Since you don't provide information on what Erlang version you're using, I can't tell you specifically where to look.

    Once you find the cookie file, copy it to your user's home directory and the rabbitmqctl commands should work correctly.