Make elixir app recompile and reload on source code change

How to automatically recompile and reload my iex + mix application every time I modify the source code?

If there's no way for iex + mix combination to do that, what's the easiest alternative? I've checked phoenix's way to do reload, and it doesn't seems easy to implement for my small test project.

I also know about José's .iex.exs :

defmodule R do
  def reload! do
    Mix.Task.reenable "compile.elixir"
    Mix.Task.run "compile.elixir"
    Application.start(Mix.Project.config[:app], :permanent)

And I'm not extremely happy since it's not reloading automatically on code change, I still need to type R.reload! on iex.

And.. please help me create "iex" tag on stackoverflow, my reputation is not sufficient :)


  • Currently iex has an internal function to do this:

    invoke IEx.Helpers.recompile inside iex console.