Make Axios send cookies in its requests automatically

I am sending requests from the client to my Express.js server using Axios.

I set a cookie on the client and I want to read that cookie from all Axios requests without adding them manually to request by hand.

This is my clientside request example:

axios.get(`some api url`).then(response => ...

I tried to access headers or cookies by using these properties in my Express.js server:


Neither of them contained any cookies. I am using cookie parser middleware:


How do I make Axios send cookies in requests automatically?


I set cookie on the client like this:

import cookieClient from 'react-cookie'

let cookie = cookieClient.load('cookie-name')
if(cookie === undefined){
      axios.get('path/to/my/cookie/api').then(response => {
        if(response.status == 200){
'cookie-name',, {path:'/'})

While it's also using Axios, it is not relevant to the question. I simply want to embed cookies into all my requests once a cookie is set.


  • You can use withCredentials property.

    XMLHttpRequest from a different domain cannot set cookie values for their own domain unless withCredentials is set to true before making the request.

    axios.get(BASE_URL + '/todos', { withCredentials: true });

    Also its possible to force credentials to every Axios requests

    axios.defaults.withCredentials = true

    Or using credentials for some of the Axios requests as the following code

    const instance = axios.create({
       withCredentials: true,
       baseURL: BASE_URL