How to extract data out of a Promise

I have a promise that returns data and I want to save that in variables. Is this impossible in JavaScript because of the async nature and do I need to use onResolve as a callback?

Can I somehow use this (e.g. wrap it with async/await):

const { foo, bar } = Promise.then(result =>, errorHandler);
// rest of script

instead of this?

Promise.then(result => {
   const { foo, bar } =;
   // rest of script
 }, errorHandler);

Note: Bluebird library is used instead of native implementation, and I can't change from Promise to asnyc/await or Generators.


  • NO you can't get the data synchronously out of a promise like you suggest in your example. The data must be used within a callback function. Alternatively in functional programming style the promise data could be map()ed over.

    If your are OK using async/await (you should it's awesome) then you can write code that looks synchronous yet retain the asynchronicity of a promise (see @loganfsmyth comments).

    const { foo, bar }  = await iAmAPromise.then(result =>;

    Overall since you are already using ES6 I assume you are also using a transpiler. In which case you should definitely give async/await a try. Just be sure to weight in the decision that as today they are not yet a ratified specification.