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Rearrange method parameters in IntelliJ with keyboard shortcut

In IntelliJ I can easily rearrange the order of statements (or whole methods for that part) by pressing + Shift + (or + Shift + ).

I was wondering whether there's a shortcut to change the order of method parameters as easily, so that

public void sth(String a, String b) {...}

will become

public void sth(String b, String a) {...}

with the stroke of a keyboard shortcut (assuming my cursor is positioned on one of the parameters).

It would be enough for me, if IntelliJ would just reorder the parameters. That is, this need not trigger a whole Refactor > Change method signature thing.


  • Since IDEA 16 EAP, there's an action for that. It's in the menu:

    Code | Move Element Left/Right

    Keyboard shortcuts are Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right (Opt+Cmd+Shift+Left/Right for OSX).

    See for more details.