Spring Boot REST API - request timeout?

I have a Spring Boot REST service that sometimes call third party services as a part of a request. I would like to set a timeout on all my resources (let's say 5 seconds), so that if any request handling (the whole chain, from incoming to response) takes longer than 5 seconds my controllers responds with HTTP 503 instead of the actual response. It would be awesome if this was just a Spring property, for example setting


but I haven't had any luck with that. I've also tried extending WebMvcConfigurationSupport and overriding configureAsyncSupport:

public void configureAsyncSupport(final AsyncSupportConfigurer configurer) {

public TimeoutCallableProcessingInterceptor timeoutInterceptor() {
    return new TimeoutCallableProcessingInterceptor();

without any luck.

I suspect I have to manually time all my third party calls, and if they take too long, throw a timeout exception. Is that right? Or is there any easier, holistic solution that covers all my request endpoints?


  • You need to return a Callable<> if you want spring.mvc.async.request-timeout=5000 to work.

    @RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.GET)
    public Callable<String> getFoobar() throws InterruptedException {
        return new Callable<String>() {
            public String call() throws Exception {
                Thread.sleep(8000); //this will cause a timeout
                return "foobar";