How to import jquery using ES6 syntax?

I'm writing a new app using (JavaScript) ES6 syntax through babel transpiler and the preset-es2015 plugins, as well as semantic-ui for the style.


import * as stylesheet from '../assets/styles/app.scss';
import * as jquery2 from '../dist/scripts/jquery.min';
import * as jquery3 from '../node_modules/jquery/dist/jquery.min';



<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="fr">
<script src="dist/app.js"></script>

Project structure

├── app/
│   ├── index.js
├── assets/
├── dist/
│   ├── scripts/
│   │   ├── jquery.min.js
├── index.html
├── node_modules/
│   ├── jquery/
│   │   ├── dist/
│   │   │   ├── jquery.min.js
├── package.json
└── tests/


  "scripts": {
    "build:app": "browserify -e ./app/index.js -o ./dist/app.js",
    "copy:jquery": "cpy 'node_modules/jquery/dist/jquery.min.js' ./dist/scripts/",
  "devDependencies": {
    "babel-core": "6.3.x",
    "babel-preset-es2015": "6.3.x",
    "babelify": "7.2.x",
    "cpy": "3.4.x",
    "npm-run-all": "1.4.x",
    "sassify": "0.9.x",
    "semantic-ui": "2.1.x",
  "browserify": {
    "transform": [
      [ "babelify", { "presets": [ "es2015"]}],
      [ "sassify", { "auto-inject": true}]


Using classic <script> tag to import jquery works fine, but I'm trying to use the ES6 syntax.

  • How do I import jquery to satisfy semantic-ui using ES6 import syntax?
  • Should I import from the node_modules/ directory or my dist/ (where I copy everything)?


  • index.js

    import {$,jQuery} from 'jquery';
    // export for others scripts to use
    window.$ = $;
    window.jQuery = jQuery;

    First, as @nem suggested in comment, the import should be done from node_modules/:

    Well, importing from dist/ doesn't make sense since that is your distribution folder with production ready app. Building your app should take what's inside node_modules/ and add it to the dist/ folder, jQuery included.

    Next, the glob –* as– is wrong as I know what object I'm importing (e.g. jQuery and $), so a straigforward import statement will work.

    Last you need to expose it to other scripts using the window.$ = $.

    Then, I import as both $ and jQuery to cover all usages, browserify remove import duplication, so no overhead here! ^o^y