Issues running haxe application in osx terminal with createjs library

When running this command

haxe -main Main.hx

I'm getting this error

Main.hx:2: characters 7-33 : Type not found : createjs.easeljs.Container


package ;
import createjs.easeljs.Container;
import createjs.easeljs.Shape;
import createjs.easeljs.Stage;
import createjs.easeljs.Text;
import createjs.easeljs.Ticker;
import js.Browser;
import js.html.CanvasElement;
import js.html.Element;

I've included the javascript file for the createjs library and I also installed the library using the command

haxe install createjs


  • You have to include the createjs haxelib with the -lib argument during compilation:

    haxe -main Main.hx -lib createjs