How can I extract confidence intervals from ezBoot (ez package)?

I am using the ezBoot function from the ez package. I would like to extract the confidence intervals that are plotted with the ezPlot2 function of the same package.

An example can be found in the ezBoot function:

#Read in the ANT data (see ?ANT).

#Run ezBoot on the accurate RT data
rt = ezBoot(
    data = ANT
    , dv = rt
    , wid = subnum
    , within = .(cue,flank)
    , between = group
    , iterations = 1e1 #1e3 or higher is best for publication

#plot the full design
p = ezPlot2(
    preds = rt
    , x = flank
    , split = cue
    , col = group

How do I extract the confidence intervals?


  • Nevermind, I didn't read the complete set of arguments for the [ezPlot2 function] (http://www.inside-r.org/packages/cran/ez/docs/ezPlot2). To be fair the initial description says that the functions is for displaying, however if the parameter do_plot is set to true then it will return the point predictions (I am guessing it is the averages) and confidence intervals:

    do_plot: Logical. If TRUE, no plot will be produced but instead a data frame containing point predictions and confidence limits will be returned.