How to change ${USER} variable in IntelliJ IDEA without changing OS user name?

By ${USER} Intellij idea means the login name of the current user. But what if login differ from name used as developer name? Is it possible to set USER to other value without changing OS login name?


  • You can modify the file idea.exe.vmoptions or idea64.exe.vmoptions, which should be in the bin folder of your IDE installation. For linux version, it could be idea.vmoptions. You need to add there a parameter:

    How to open the file:

    • Ctrl+Shift+A > type "vm options" > select option
    • Help > Edit custom VM options...

    This would make your ${USER} variable inside IntelliJ Idea equals to parameter value and you don't have to change the current OS user login name. I've just tested it in the IntelliJ Idea 14.1.3 with file and code templates.