Heap Inspection Security Vulnerability

I have run my java app against the checkmarx tool for security vulnerability and it is constantly giving an issue - Heap Inspection, for my password field for which I use a character array. It doesnt give any more explanation than just pointing out the declaration of the password field.

private char[] passwordLength;

Could anyone help me out here, what more can I look for resolving this?


  • Heap Inspection is about sensitive information stored in the machine memory unencrypted, so that if an attacker performs a memory dump (for example, the Heartbleed bug), that information is compromised. Thus, simply holding that information makes it vulnerable.

    One can mitigate this by storing such sensitive information in a secured manner, such as a GuardedString object instead of a String or a char array, or encrypting it and scrubbing the original short after.

    For more information, see this CWE (describes C/C++ but same relevancy for Java).