Uploading files to busybox machine

For a project of mine I am using a very limited Linux busybox machine.

I am trying to upload files to that machine (connected to me via Ethernet) using telnet.

So far I had several ideas for implementing it:

  1. Writing the files in chunks (using echo -e on chunks of 128 bytes) to the disk. The idea failed because the echo command doesn't have a -e option.

  2. Redirecting socket into a file using something like /dev/tcp/ > /tmp/file. The idea failed because the /dev/ folder didn't contain the tcp device.

  3. Using utilities such as nc / ncat / nfqueue to do so, the idea also failed because none of them exists and I can't install anything on that machine (no apt-get / yum etc..)

  4. Using echo (without the -e option) to write a base-64 encoded file to the disk and then decode it. The idea failed because I couldn't find any utility to decode base64 strings

Do you have any creative idea to upload files?


  • Thank you for the fast replies. I found on the machine a tftp client.

    Therefore I could execute: /usr/bin/tftp -l /tmp/tst -r testfile.txt -g <server ip>

    after opening a tftp server on .