Save text file UTF-8 encoded with VBA

how can I write UTF-8 encoded strings to a textfile from vba, like

Dim fnum As Integer
fnum = FreeFile
Open "myfile.txt" For Output As fnum
Print #fnum, "special characters: äöüß" 'latin-1 or something by default
Close fnum

Is there some setting on Application level?


  • I found the answer on the web:

    Dim fsT As Object
    Set fsT = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")
    fsT.Type = 2 'Specify stream type - we want To save text/string data.
    fsT.Charset = "utf-8" 'Specify charset For the source text data.
    fsT.Open 'Open the stream And write binary data To the object
    fsT.WriteText "special characters: äöüß"
    fsT.SaveToFile sFileName, 2 'Save binary data To disk

    Certainly not as I expected...