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Git - fatal: Could not get current working directory?

When I git clone from a repo, I get,

fatal: Could not get current working directory: No such file or directory

What do I do? I have checked the server and found that .git file exists. The server is running a Gitlab instance. I have configured ssh properly with the keys, and I've been committing & cloning for a while now without any error, and this happens all of a sudden.

FWIW, I'm doing the git clone in a bash script.


This is my bash script,

for repo in $repos
   git clone $repo /tmp/tmpdir/
   # do stuff with /tmp/tmpdir/
   rm -rf /tmp/tmpdir/

for the first repo it's fine, but when the for gets into the second repo it fails and gives the above fatal error.


  • My guess is that somewhere in your do stuff section you change directory into /tmp/tmpdir/ so that in the next loop, the current working directory no longer exists. The fix is to change directory to /tmp/ (or anywhere really) before removing the /tmp/tmdir/ directory.