Are there any clear benefits from replacing a 'one time use' function with a property or object

In other words, with a code like this:

window['object'] = function(arg) {
  var myvar = 1;
  this.object = {};
  //assign new properties and do more stuff 
  this.object.x = arg?arg+1:myvar;//just one example for the context
//run function once and overwrite it with object
  1. Is the function itself garbage collected?
  2. Does it cause an object reuse scenario which in itself would mitigate the cost of creating a new object?

This of course assumes the function requires contained local vars and/or argument dependencies, justifying having an actual function in order to set the object in the first place.


  • I am gonna close this question with the answer given on Twitter by Vyacheslav Egorov, which is self explanatory.

    there are no real performance benefits (ok, a single property can be reused, but that's it)